Berkeley Vale Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Your Stay

The first days of your admission are usually spent familiarising yourself with your new surroundings as well as building therapeutic rapport with your treating team and Unit staff.

Below is some general information about what to expect during your stay:


All rooms at Berkeley Vale Clinic are single rooms with an ensuite.


No alcohol is to be consumed at any time while you are a patient in Berkeley Vale Clinic. Non adherence to this policy may result in discharge.


Visitors may bring pets to the Clinic but to outdoor areas only. Animals, with the exception of registered assistance dogs will not be permitted in the Clinic.


You are encouraged to wear comfortable, casual clothes while in the Clinic & are requested not to wear night attire out of & around the Clinic.

Caffeine Energy Drinks

At Berkeley Vale Clinic we strongly discourage the use of energy drinks due to their high content of caffeine & the effects this can have on a client’s mood & the subsequent medication interactions.

Caffeine is a psychoactive drug, meaning it alters mood, thinking & / or behaviour. Caffeine is also a stimulant drug. Stimulants increase the body’s state of arousal by speeding up the production of nerve impulses, which increases the activity of the brain. The effects of caffeine in large doses (i.e. more than 600mg or eight average cups of coffee) include headache, hand tremors, impaired coordination, nervousness, diarrhoea & even delirium.


You are requested not to bring a camera into the Clinic as photographs within the Clinic may compromise other patients’ confidentiality.

Client Care Category

Your category status will be decided by your treating doctor and is determined by the requirements of your care. The nursing staff will explain the procedure to you.

Compliments & Complaints

We aim to deliver the highest possible standard of care at all times. However we do realise that there may be times when you are not happy with a particular aspect of your care or a service we provide. In most instances the Nurse Unit Manager, your doctor, nurse or therapist will be able to assist you so please inform them of your problem.

Should this be unsatisfactory, you can ask to see the Chief Executive Officer or write to her at Berkeley Vale Private Hospital, Lorraine Avenue, Berkeley Vale, 2261. You will be advised of the outcome or of your options for further action should you still be dissatisfied.

Alternatively you may write to:
Healthcare Complaints Commission
Locked Bay 18, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

Phone: (02) 9219 7444
FREE CALL in NSW: 1800 043 159


Please respect the privacy of all other patients at Berkeley Vale Clinic by not disclosing the identity of a patient, or the nature of a patient’s illness, outside of the Clinic. Please encourage your visitors to do the same.

Cultural / Religious Needs

If you have any cultural or religious requirements, please see nursing staff. We are able to provide interpreters, special meals & access to ministers of religion.

Electrical Items

On admission & during your stay, you are requested to present any personal electrical items to be checked. If there are any concerns the hospitals maintenance officer will be asked to examine them.

Fire Alarm

If there is a fire alarm during your stay, remain calm, the Nursing staff will direct you if required to evacuate.

Laundry Facilities

The laundry is set up with a washing machine and a dryer. Washing powder is complimentary & patients can attend the laundry anytime during daytime hours.

Leave During the Day

Clients granted leave during the day may go on leave outside group time and by arrangement are to return to the clinic by 8.00pm

It is vital that clinic staff know of your whereabouts at all times. It is therefore requested that each time you leave the clinic you fill in the leave book and paperwork.

Motor Vehicle Policy

The Clinic regards the safety of all clients as paramount. Patients will not be allowed to drive for the duration of their stay in the Clinic. Should you arrive with a motor vehicle it is recommended that arrangements be made as soon as possible for the vehicle to be taken home.

Night Time

The clinic is secured and alarmed and reopened at 7.00am. For your own benefit and in the consideration of others, you are requested to retire to bed by 10.00pm to 10.30pm. Please speak to the clinic staff if you are unable to sleep at this time.

Official Visitors

Official Visitors are appointed by the Minister for Health. They visit Berkeley Vale Clinic on a monthly basis. They talk to patients, inspect records and registers, report on the standards of facilities and services, liaise with staff about issues or concerns and report any problems to the Principal Official Visitor and/or the Minister for Health. If you do not see the Official Visitors during your stay and you wish to speak to them a letter can be left in the Official Visitor’s Box on the Ward.


During your stay at the Clinic, medication prescribed for conditions other than psychiatric conditions (e.g. physical conditions) will be your financial responsibility. All outstanding pharmacy accounts will be sent to you direct on discharge. These should be presented to your Health Fund as some of your medications may be covered. If you have Pharmaceutical Benefits Card please inform staff on admission and they will ensure this information is given to the Pharmacy.

Photocopying, Faxing & Mail

Nursing staff will be able to assist with documents to be faxed or photocopied. You may be asked to leave the documents & collect later. Please be aware that the administration area beyond the nurses’ station is a Staff Only area.

If you need a letter posted, please ask our staff (stamps are available from reception). Any mail received for you will be delivered to your room.


For safety it is important that footwear is worn at all times whilst in the Clinic.


Berkeley Vale Private Hospital is a non-smoking facility. A smoking area has been provided outside the clinic.

Patients and visitors who choose to smoke must do so in the designated area only, at their own risk.

Smoking outside the clinic after 10.00pm to 7.00am is not permitted. Quit smoking support is available by speaking the nursing staff or your doctor.

Patients who fail to comply with this and smoke within the confines of the building or outside the designated smoking area may be discharged from Berkeley Vale Private Hospital.


You can make and receive free local calls from the telephone by your bed. Please note that STD calls are subject to peak rates, and not residential discounted rates. You will be charged for any long distance or mobile calls on discharge.

LOCAL CALLS: Lift the receiver & dial ‘0’ & then the number.


You are advised to leave valuables at home as the Clinic cannot take any responsibility for these items. Please also limit the amount of cash you have while in the Clinic. Should this not be possible, cash may be left at Reception for safe keeping. It should be noted that access to the safe is only available during office hours. Please see Unit staff if this service is required.

Visiting Times

10:00am until 8:00pm daily.

As we are sure you appreciate, it is important for patients to attend the group therapy program. Please arrange visiting times around group sessions (refer to timetable).

Please advise us if we can make your stay more comfortable.