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Programs Overview

At Berkeley Vale Clinic, we provide a range of inpatient and day patient mental health programs and therapies developed in collaboration with our accredited psychiatrists. We offer individually tailored programs and group treatment, designed in consultation with a patient’s admitting psychiatrist. Our recovery-based programs encompass the Four Pillars of Health and Recovery to help you get the most from your psychological, physical, nutritional and social health.

The fastest possible recovery for each patient is our top priority. We’re committed to helping manage symptoms and moving towards getting back to a full and rewarding life. Every patient’s program is tailored individually, and group therapy assists recovery by giving patients insight into their illness. Our therapies help patients to develop strategies so they can cope more effectively in the future.

We offer world-class, evidence-based psychiatric treatment. Our approach combines psychiatric and psychological treatment with a range of holistic programs, which we believe is essential in maximising recovery and mental health.

Our experienced multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, doctors, specialist nurses, psychologists and allied health professionals, provides Berkeley Vale Clinic patients with the best of care.

Therapy and Treatment Pathways

Evidence-based therapies form the basis of all our psychological treatment programs. We use a structured, focused approach that helps patients with the issues that led to their admission at the clinic. Our treatment programs aim to help patients understand their challenges and teach them ways to respond. Individual recovery journeys are led by a dedicated psychiatrist and provided by our multidisciplinary team. A comprehensive assessment with a psychiatrist provides guidance on treatment needs. This will cover both physical needs and the recommended number group therapy sessions a patient should attend.

Individual Support

The clinic’s nurses assist with administering the psychiatrist’s recommendations, as well as emotional support. Patients are welcome to approach our friendly nursing team whenever needed. They are there to provide individual support and care. Patients will also see a psychiatrist for individual sessions twice per week. Therapy staff (counsellors and psychologists) support patients through an individualised group therapy schedule. They will review care and discharge plan goals from a therapist’s perspective, and they can also help with explaining any concepts not understood from the group therapy program.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is the main form of therapy at Berkeley Vale Clinic. Our group therapy program provides support on the Berkeley Vale Clinic 4 Pillars of Health and Recovery – Psychological, Physical, Nutritional and Social. Group therapy is provided by our multidisciplinary team, including psychologists/counsellors, psychiatrists, art and diversional therapists and music therapists. Group facilitators are always happy to give clarification on any concepts covered in group therapy.

If patients need emotional support at any time, they are always welcome to approach our friendly nursing team, who are there to provide individual support and care.