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Preparing for admission

To keep our patients and the community safe, we are implementing processes so our day programs meet all NSW Health and Ramsay Health Guidelines regarding COVID-19.

Please contact the clinic with any enquires.

Preparing for admission

Attending any mental health facility can cause some nervousness. Our role is to ensure that patients are comfortable, safe and supported. Helping people recover from mental illness is at the heart of what we do.

Our admission coordinators are experienced mental health clinicians. They are happy to discuss any particular needs and can advise what treatment options are available.

Berkeley Vale Clinic is a voluntary facility. This means it is necessary for admission staff to speak to each patient prior to being admitted into one of our clinics as certain exclusion criteria may apply.

They will also be able to check health insurance and advise of any out of pocket expenses. If a patient does not have health insurance, they will be able to advise the cost of treatment. All admissions must be supported by a referral from the patient’s GP or psychiatrist.

Once you have been given a date for admission, it is also important to read the Privacy Policy.

Patients will feel most comfortable wearing casual clothing around our clinic during the day will also require night attire, toiletries and other personal items. For safety purposes, covered shoes should be worn at all times and suitable outdoor footwear should also be packed for use on outdoor walks.

We recommend leaving valuables such as large amounts of money, jewellery or expensive appliances at home. Patients may however wish to bring an iPad or similar device with headphones. Please clearly label belongings. Each room is fitted with a television.